21 Day Purification

It has long been known that removal of exposure to toxic substances is an important part of holistic healing. A positive way to look at the gradual process of removing toxic and unhealthy things from your environment is that, at minimum, you will be significantly improving the long-term health prospects of yourself and your family.


Initial Consultation

This one-hour visit is designed to get to know you and to discuss your goals and health requirements.. This information will be utilized to evaluate your needs and determine your priorities. At this first visit you will receive some foundational recommendations and a treatment plan will be designed specifically for you so you can begin your journey to better health.

Treatment Program

Treatment varies from 2 months to a year or longer depending on many factors such as the condition being treated and your general health. After the initial testing, retesting is done every 6 to 8 weeks up to every 3 months until your individual maintenance level is reached.

Maintenance Program

We offer customized maintenance programs to assist you in staying on track and our regular consultations will help to ensure that your body and mind are working together to meet your goals.

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